"On a quiet serene evening the Cosmic Space Patrol sets out for the usual night cruise through the boulevards of space. [...] but suddenly the Cosmic Space Patrol find themselves surrounded by thousands of the deadly asteroids. The Cosmic Space Patrol must act quickly to save their spacecraft and spare their lives" (Asteroids Game Program Instructions, 1979).

Alteroids is a little project to work on code componentization. It results ina multimode (8 modes for the moment) remake of Asteroids in the line of Pippin Barr's BREAKSOUT. Coded in Unity, for the graphics I've used Adobe Illustrator and for the SFXs Bfxr.

You can get the full code in Github.


A + D / Left + Right: Rotate left and right

W / Up: Thrust

Spacebar: Shoot

Esc: Exit to title screen

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